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Alpi Trade is the wholesale trading division of Alpi Investment Ltd.

 Alpi Investment is engaged in the production and trade of high-quality natural products. The company manages its own manufacturing facilities and owns several registered brands, amongst others Alpi Nature and IDDA Herbal. We are a certified producer of dry food of conventional and organic origin. The entire production process is strictly controlled, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

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Natural products are the basis of our company philosophy. We strive to work only with the best natural ingredients and rely on producers of raw materials, whose quality has been proven over the years. We hope to contribute to the development of regions for which agriculture is essential, thus encouraging them to produce more and better products.
Until recently, many natural products were known and consumed mainly in the places where they grow, while their benefits remained available only to a limited local population. We aim to find these natural products and present them to you in their best form and quality.
Since our foundation in 2009, we have built up extensive experience in the selection, procurement, quality control, packaging, B2B, and B2C distribution of our broad product offering.

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The years in which we have been actively present on the market have given us the opportunity to establish contacts with many farmers as well as to make investments in this area ourselves. We maintain the necessary warehouse base and expertise for the processing of large volume orders.

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